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The “Schooling of the Lord” in the Life of the Three Hierarchs

Bishop Epiphanios (Maheriotis)

DOI: 10.24411/1814-5574-2020-10001

Abstract: The main aim of this article is to bolster the deeper meaning of St. Paul’s saying: “with correction and advice, inspired by the Lord”. The “correction by the Lord” is everything we do in life that works-out the shaping of Christ in us and renders us “children of God” by grace. The seal of our adoption can be affirmed by our perfection and sanctity according to the Lord’s word “Be perfect and saintly”. Beginning from the Holy Bible, firstly from the New Testament and further on with the support of the Old Testament, this article describes the Lord’s Schooling and how this is extended towards all the Saints. As an example, the article projects the Three Hierarchs who are excellent personalities and their teaching remains timeless. Their contribution towards “all-round” education as well as to moralistic education is unique and the Lord’s education is purely demonstrated in their life. In practice, this article shows the way people of now-a-days and of the future can utilize even the slightest details of their every-day life for their communion with God, thus having God as their Father according to “Our Father…” This adoption can only be substantiated through this schooling, thus having God as our father not theoretically but by his grace, practically. From the above it follows that general education should be harmonized with the Lord’s schooling which aims to cultivate people turning them on to perfection and sanctification.

Keywords: Lord’s schooling, Ethos, General/All-round Education, The Three Hierarchs.

About the author: Bishop Epiphanios (Maheriotis). Bishop of Ledra and Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Maheras at Cyprus.

E-mail: grafeio@maherasmonastery.org.cy

Article link: Bishop Epiphanios (Maheriotis). The “Schooling of the Lord” in the Life of the Three Hierarchs. Khristianskoye Chteniye, 2020, no. 1, pp. 12–25.